Dietitian, Advanced Sports Dietitian & Nutritionist Sydney CBD

Sally Walker

BSc (Exercise Science and Nutrition) and MSc (Nutrition Dietetics and Exercise Rehabilitation)

Sally Walker

Sally Walker is an Advanced Sports Dietitian and Accredited Practicing Dietitian. Sally has over 16 years’ experience in high performance sport working with a diverse range of athletes and coaches across a wide range of Olympic and Professional Sport. 

Sally holds a BSc (Exercise Science and Nutrition) and MSc (Nutrition Dietetics and Exercise Rehabilitation) from the University of Wollongong and has previous experience working in NRL, AFL and as the lead dietitian at the NSW Institute of Sport. Here she worked with over 25 different sports programs, including team and individual sports, aquatic sports, track and field and combat sports; and supported athletes from developmental and talent athletes to Olympic and Paralympic medallists. 

Sally was the lead dietitian for the Australian Team at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 and Gold Coast 2018.

As the President of Sports Dietitians Australia, Sally is a trusted and respected leader in her field. Sally will work with you to demonstrate how purpose led decisions around food choices can be applied to make achievable and sustainable progression and improvements when seeking to achieve a goal. It may be your gold medal, good health and vitality or general wellness.

This involves individuals with complex or unique energy demands from an active job or lifestyle, time poor high performing executives, those training towards a goal or milestone event – like an overseas hike or triathlon, developing and emerging athletes, or individuals who want to see improvement in their health and lifestyle. 

Sally’s style of nutrition intervention focuses on understanding individual needs, identifying barriers and challenges and developing frameworks and systems which are hallmarks of Sally’s coaching. These serve to align intake with physical demands and empower individuals to take ownership of food and exercise choices and improve relationships with food to reach performance and health goals.

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