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Does this sound like the kind of osteopathy you want?

For those of you who thrive on active lifestyles and the demands of a successful career, there’s a healthcare approach that understands your need for holistic well-being.

Osteopathy, a personalised solution, recognises the harmony between your body’s structure and its function – a philosophy that resonates with your pursuit of excellence.

Just as you approach life with determination, osteopathy offers a tailored approach that goes beyond temporary relief. It addresses the root causes of discomfort, aligning perfectly with your values of seeking long-term solutions.

If that sounds like you, you’ll love osteopathy at CBD Health Sydney.

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What does an osteopath do?

Your life is busy. Dealing with work, staying active and being a parent can put a lot of stress on your body. That’s where an osteopath can come in to help. They understand how everything in your body is connected, just like how your work, activities, and family are all linked together.

When you’re active, whether it’s playing sports or just being on your feet a lot, your body can start feeling sore or uncomfortable. An osteopath looks at the reasons behind these feelings and works on fixing them from the root. They don’t just make the pain go away temporarily; they try to fix the main problems causing the discomfort.

And being a parent can be physically demanding too – lifting your kids, bending down, and more. Osteopathy can make your body feel better and help you keep up with all the things you need to do for your family.

So, if you want to feel better from all the everyday stresses and keep up with your active lifestyle and parenting, an osteopath could be a good choice. They’ll help your body work its best, so you can keep doing everything you love without those aches and pains holding you back.

Are you looking for a Sydney CBD osteopath?

If you’re tired of battling those stubborn headaches and debilitating migraines, it’s time to consider an osteopath in Sydney CBD.

Osteopathic treatment in Sydney CBD offers a natural solution to help tackle your headaches and migraines.

Osteopaths are skilled in using hands-on techniques to assess and treat the root causes of your headaches and migraines.

By addressing issues like tension in your neck, jaw or spine, osteopathy also looks to understand your lifestyle and suggest ways you can keep your headaches and migraines at bay. 

Imagine the exhilaration of effortlessly running through the bustling CBD streets, feeling the energy of the city and knowing that your running injuries are a thing of the past.

Osteopathy takes a holistic approach, considering your unique lifestyle and training habits, so you can enjoy the freedom of running through Sydney CBD without the limitations of pain and discomfort.

Choose CBD Health Sydney and take those strides towards a pain-free and liberating running experience in the heart of our beautiful city.

Imagine sitting at your desk, feeling effortlessly comfortable and empowered to tackle your tasks with enthusiasm. Osteopathy goes beyond addressing discomfort; it focuses on improving your work-life balance, ensuring that you can fully enjoy your career while maintaining great posture.

With an osteopath by your side, you’ll embrace each day at your desk job in Sydney CBD with positivity and confidence, unburdened by postural pain. Choose the path to a happier, healthier work life by considering seeing an osteopath at CBD Health Sydney today.

If you’re weary of dealing with persistent joint pain that’s been holding you back, it’s time to consider an osteopath in Sydney CBD to rekindle your zest for life.

Picture yourself moving with ease, whether it’s walking along the stunning Sydney CBD waterfront or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll through the city’s parks.

Osteopathy is about more than just pain relief; it’s about giving you the freedom to live life to the fullest.

By considering osteopathy, you’re taking a proactive and positive step in the right direction so you can live your life in the heart of Sydney CBD.

If you’re tired of jaw pain getting in the way of your daily life, consider seeing an osteopath to get a hands-on treatment approach.

Osteopaths use their hands to help you find relief from jaw pain by figuring out what’s causing it and explaining what you need to do to manage it.

Osteopathy isn’t just about stopping the pain; it’s about making your life better, so you can enjoy all the good things without any worries.

If you’re fed up with nagging neck strains that are distracting you from doing even the smallest of things, it’s time to consider an osteopath.

Osteopaths are skilled at using hands-on techniques to identify and address the root causes of neck strains, such as muscle tension or repetitive strain.

Imagine turning your head without wincing and enjoying a tension-free day.

Osteopathy isn’t just about easing the pain; it’s about empowering you to live life to the fullest without neck pain.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes a great amount of change and development. The postural changes and increase in weight are obvious, but the other changes may be more subtle, like hormonal and emotional. The combination of the above can put a fair amount of physical strain on the body.

We aim to assist the natural process of pregnancy and birth by aiding the body to adapt and align as the pregnancy progresses. Our treatments achieve this by using safe and efficient techniques, while making sure the patient is comfortable at all times.

Even before pregnancy, our practitioners can evaluate your body, paying particular attention to the spine and pelvis.The mother’s pelvis may be twisted or rigid which can interfere with the baby’s passage through the birth canal. Osteopathic treatment can help to align your body so that your pelvis and lower back mechanics are in the best possible position they can be and with as little tension or restriction as possible.


Lower back pain, hip pain and referred pain (eg. sciatica), pain due to stress on joints as your baby grows, neck, shoulder and back pain, rib pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, pubic symphysis pain and inflammation, pelvic girdle pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, headaches.

Cranial osteopathy (known as OCF, osteopathy in cranial field) can be invaluable for treating a wide range of health conditions, the gentler, nonmanipulative techniques, known as cranial osteopathy are especially suitable for treating young children and newborn infants.

Our practitioners focus on a whole-body approach to determine the cause of the problem, recognising the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. By using palpatory evaluation, diagnosis and a range of hands-on techniques, our osteopaths identify and treat dysfunction in your child’s body, positively affecting their nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

The birth process can be incredibly demanding on both mother and baby, creating stresses and strains throughout the baby’s head (cranium), spine and pelvis. These strains can irritate surrounding nerves and compromise blood supply, resulting in pain, headaches and digestive disturbance.


With babies, may include:

  • Difficulties with head and neck positioning.

  • Asymmetric shaping or flattening of the baby’s head.

  • Irritability, difficulty with settling and sleep issues.

  • Feeding difficulties such as problems with positioning and attachment.

  • Recurrent infections perhaps of the eyes, ears nose and throat.

  • Asymmetry in the baby’s movement, and position of the spine or limbs.

  • Concerns about clicking joints.

With children, may include:

  • Delayed crawling or walking.

  • Hip pain.

  • “Growing pains”.

  • Concerns about spinal curves.

  • Concerns about Foot Position: toe walking and in-toeing.

  • Asymmetries of limb movement.

  • Headaches.

  • Abdominal pain.

  • Developmental delay both specific and global.

  • Speech & hearing problems.

Osteopathic postnatal care can help with pelvic and back pain, post birth pelvic instability, upper back and neck pain occurring with breastfeeding, disturbed sleep, repetitive strain injuries, commonly in the wrists, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, pelvic floor rehabilitation and headaches

Osteopathic treatment is all “hands on”, and help to facilitate the body’s recovery after the normal stresses of birth. Post-natal osteopathic treatment is especially beneficial if you have had a difficult / protracted labour, epidural or caesarean section. 

The job of caring for a new baby can place enormous strain on the back. Things like breast feeding positions, lifting car capsules and prams, carrying your baby and reaching over the cot can put extra strain on your back. We will help educate you on getting back to feeling stronger physically by incorporating and teaching you correct stretches and strength activities. This includes advice and education on lifting, bending and carrying – all which are unavoidable and very necessary when looking after a baby.

We are highly experienced in post natal care for your musculoskeletal system and are here to help! If you are in Sydney and looking for an osteopath, be in touch to make an appointment or give us a call and we can discuss your case and care to explain how we can support your postnatal recovery in more detail.

Whether you are an elite athlete or you run around the park once in a while for general fitness, or you are preparing for your first half-marathon, your Osteopath may help prevent and treat many sporting injuries. Osteopaths can evaluate your running technique, specific running muscles and core strength and guide you with exercises and running cues to keep you injury free or help you rehab as you train.

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