TCM Practitioner & Acupuncturist Sydney CBD

Melinda McDonald

BHSc (Traditional Chinese Medicine), BSc (Psychology), Cert TCM (Beijing)

Melinda McDonald

Melinda is a Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner). Melinda uses a very gentle and integrative approach to support her clients in all facets of general health. She is known for her very caring, empathetic and holistic approach. Her areas of special interest and extensive experience include women’s health (periods to peri-menopause and beyond), female and male fertility, pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum care, anxiety and stress-related conditions. She also enjoys treating children of all ages, including her own when they let her.

Melinda has been studying and practising Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 2005. She has practised in several multidisciplinary clinics across Sydney.  Most recently she has been a part of Paradigm Medical Collective (2019-2022) led by Dr Paulette Maroun (Gynaecologist & Endoscopic surgeon); and the team of highly experienced TCM practitioners at Yolk Acupuncture in Bondi (2019-2022).

Melinda has been teaching TCM undergraduates at the University of Technology Sydney for several years, and mentors students in her clinic.

Melinda’s journey into Chinese Medicine has been the culmination of a diverse array of life experiences. After studying Psychology, travelling the globe, working in the corporate world as a senior business analyst, acquiring her Reiki Masters, studying massage, discovering yoga, then moving into the not-for-profit world of Outward Bound Australia she not only ‘found herself’ but found Traditional Chinese Medicine. She read an article on Acupuncture and Chinese medical theory and had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments and after her own life-changing experience with TCM she was hooked!

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