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Kathleen Furey


Kathleen Furey

Kathleen Furey is an osteopath and the director of CBD Health Sydney.

She is trained in a wide variety of hands-on osteopathic techniques and uses a structural approach in her treatments. She has extensive experience in all aspects of manual therapy, encompassing both direct and indirect techniques such as joint mobilisation, fascial release, massage, manipulation and counterstrain. 

Kathleen has undertaken further training in Trigger Point Dry Needling, SFMA (Functional Movement Screening), Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and exercise prescription – including Kinetic Link Training (KLT), the fitting of heat mouldable orthotics and breathing disorders.

Having worked in the Sydney CBD for many years Kathleen has an excellent understanding of the common musculoskeletal injuries that occur in office workers such as postural pain, headaches, sore shoulders and neck strain, lower back pain and jaw pain.

Kathleen has a keen interest in the complex interplay of biomechanics, the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. This helps her to find the cause and address the various factors that can lead to chronic or recurring injury. She believes in patient education and participation and likes to spend the time with patients to make sure they understand their diagnosis and treatment plans.

Osteopaths treat the whole person not just the symptomatic area and as such Kathleen brings her training in the evaluation of breathing disorders into many of her treatment plans. The benefits of learning to breathe effectively is something that many people are unaware of, but can be life changing for athletes and office workers alike.

Kathleen is an enthusiastic runner and has undertaken training both in Australia and the US in running evaluation and in treating running injuries, be they common aches and sprains or those that are chronic and recurring.

In her view, maintaining a healthy runner’s body is about more than buying an expensive pair of shoes or getting a high-tech print-out of your foot pressure. 

Kathleen can offer runners a full assessment of form, taking into consideration factors such as strength, flexibility, current goals, age and gender to help each runner continue to enjoy their running no matter what that level is. 

Kathleen Furey worked for four years in the United States where she became the first Australian to be accredited to work as a Manual Osteopath. During this time she lived in Maryland and worked at Quist MD, a physical therapy and Rehab clinic in Washington, DC. There she continued her work with dry needling, sports injury and rehabilitation.

Kathleen studied at Victoria University and completed her Masters in Osteopathy 2000. She has lived in Sydney since, apart from her time in the USA. She has three children and her hobbies include gardening, camping, running, history podcasts and knitting. 

She can be found at Parkrun most weekends and enjoys her daily commute on her apparently ageing Trek road bike (2011). 

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