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Robert Fendall

Robert Fendall DO, MOst(Paed).Reg. Osteopath CP 08837

Robert Fendall founded Sydney Osteopathic Clinic in 1986 and since then has developed a particular emphasis in cranial osteopathy. Robert sees a wide variety of patients ranging from busy city-based professionals suffering pain to families from all over Sydney.

Robert has a particular interest in the treatment of infants and children for a wide range of issues from feeding difficulties in newborn babies, to growth and developmental problems in
older children. He also advises regularly on sports and recreation related injuries during adolescence.

Robert is a member of faculty with the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia and New Zealand. He is the Chair of the recently established National Osteopathic Registration Board, having served on the NSW board for many years and advises to osteopathic undergraduate programs in this region.
Robert is a keen cyclist, sailor and snowboarder and recognises the importanceof sport and exercise in helping to manage his patients back to full health.

Based in the city practice from Monday to Friday, Robert also has regular sessions at the Paddington Medical Centre.

To book an appointment or to arrange to speak with Robert directly concerning your suitability for osteopathic care, please contact us.

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