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Kathleen Furey


Kathleen Furey

Kathleen Furey recently returned from the United States where she became the first Australian to be accredited to work as a Manual Osteopath. She spent the past three years working at Quist MD, a physical therapy and Rehab clinic in Washington, DC.

While abroad Dr Furey gained further expertise in many of her areas of interest such as AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), FSMA (Functional Movement Screening) and the Evaluation of Running techniques. She continued her work with dry needling, sports injury and rehabilitation.

Kathleen Furey completed her Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University in 2000. She is trained in a wide variety of hands on Osteopathic techniques and uses a structural approach in her treatments. Her interest in the complex interplay of biomechanics, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and pain, help her to find the cause and address the various factors that can lead to chronic or reoccurring injury. She believes in patient education and participation.

Her treatment interests include running injuries, headaches, back and pelvic pain, sports injuries and chronic postural pain.

To book an appointment or to arrange to speak with Kathleen directly concerning your suitability for osteopathic care, please contact us on              02 92991311 or email: admin@cbdhealthsydney.com.au.

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